Feng Shui Tips- The Entrance Of Your Home

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According to Feng Shui Masters, the main entrance of the home is most important because it is where the main universal (CHI) energy is absorbed. How it continues to flow throughout the house is dependent on how well the design grounds this energy so that the flow of good vibes is consistent in all areas of the home.

front door

According to Feng Shui, A strong front door will enhance strength at the entry, make sure your address is well-marked and propery lit this promotes clarity & creates less confusion. The, most vital tip to remember is the importance of easy
access into the home. According to Laura Benco Holistic Expert  you want to
make sure the door easily opens into your home in Feng Shui if you struggle to enter through the main entrance of your home you will have many struggles in your life.


Consider thinking about the entrance of your home as your personal (CHI ) energy and try to visualize the pathway that will lead your family & guests to the main entry.
Applying proper landscape to the exterior of the home such as vivid forces of life ie; flowers that have various vibrant colors, and lush greenery. will balance the energy flow to the front door and nurture a state of well being.


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