How to Create a Luxurious Space On a Few Dollars

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Creating a luxurious space in the home is something that we all dream of. And while that might seem hard to do when you’re decorating your home on a budget, it’s certainly achievable when you have the right tips and tricks at hand. To help make that seem a little more achievable, we’ve created a list of methods to help you create a luxurious space in your home without breaking the bank:

Hang Up Oversized Art

You don’t have to be a huge art fanatic to appreciate art — anyone can appreciate it when you find a beautiful large piece to hang up high in your home. It will add a lot of class to your interior, enhance the visual aesthetic of any room that you're working with, and create a focal piece that you and your visitors will appreciate. Exposure to art can also improve your mood, by releasing happy chemicals in the brain, reducing stress, and boosting self-awareness so why not add it to your home?

large art piece

Declutter Your Space  

When you have a bunch of items piled up and scattered everywhere you’ll never achieve the luxurious look that you’re going for. By decluttering your home you’ll free up space and instantly make any room you’re working with look larger, cleaner, and more luxurious. It can also help improve your mental and psychological well-being as too much clutter has been scientifically proven to affect your brain’s ability to focus and process information. To declutter your home and your mind, you can follow Marie Kondo’s simple three-step approach to decluttering.

Go With a Minimalist Approach   

You can take the decluttering process a step further by going for a minimalist look in the room(s) that you’re working with. While many homeowners believe that adding more pieces of furniture and accessories to a room will make it look more expensive, that’s not always the case. 

A minimalist theme will make your room look more spacious, simple, and elegant, which will, in turn, make it look more expensive. The great news is you’ll also need to spend less on furniture and complement accessories! And if you do choose to add accessories, it’s better to keep them simple and minimalist, yet modern and interesting.

living room design

Invest In Various Types of Lighting

Another trick to make your room look more expensive is to add various types of lighting. For example, you could add a multi-layered chandelier or a long pendant light to add depth and dimension to your space, along with a modern table or desk lamp for better lighting and interior design.

Hang Your Curtains Up Higher  

While it’s quite apparent that curtains and drapes have a lot of control over the amount of light and privacy in a room, they add a lot to the visual interior of a room. By hanging your curtains or drapes higher up, you’ll create the illusion of a larger, more visually elongated window frame and room interior. To make your room look extra classy and more expensive, your best bet would be to hang them up a few inches above your window frame. And make sure they’re not too short, either. Ideally, you’ll want your curtains to reach the floor.


Invest in One Luxurious Item   

A secret that we often tell clients is that when you invest in one luxurious item to add to your home, you’ll make all of the other items look more expensive. For example, placing a high-quality couch in the middle of your living room will draw lots of attention to it, and add quality to surrounding items.

While redecorating your home can be a fun process, it’s one that requires a lot of thought and creativity to be put into the process. If you want more tips and tricks that will make your home look more expensive on a budget, or you’re looking for someone to help you design your interior, contact Sabrina Bitton to start discussing your next project today.

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